Johannes Ney

From the first day on, I have made some great experiences in South Africa.

The family is very kind, although work and responsibilities are expected. Baseball-fanatic and ready to share his experience, Mark, the guest father and coach, was able to help me improve my baseball skills and the understanding of the game.

The experiences I gained on culture and cultural differences are even more valuable to me. I have seen South Africans are very open in general and the family lives up to that expectancy. Although they only have a small house, I was surprised how many people were able to fit in, which required me to share my room with other teens of my age. However, everyone was ready to give private space when needed.

Not only did I haven the chance to go on several trips, I had a lot of fun in the every-day life with the other youths at the house: friends, exchange students and family.

The views from Johannes’s Mom

johannesmarkheikeOur Son, Johannes, was staying in Capetown from Jan-March 2016. He was turning 16 in this time. Of course, we were a bit nervous, how he would feel in this time, if it was not too dangerous for him, flying alone to South Africa. But from the beginning he was feeling happy, had a great time in the family. Michael, my husband and I were curious, so we decided to visit him at half-time. We were convinced that it`s a really safe area of Cape Town, the family did great effort to include the Youth into daily life. Johannes has had a good time at school, learned a lot and felt very welcome. Johannes is looking forward going back to the family, maybe for a longer period. We are happy, that he has made such a great experience.