From Home Plate Day 9 – Milnerton – Umpire Robert Slabinski

From Home Plate Day 9 – Milnerton – Umpire Robert Slabinski

Jan 4: Today we played games 12 and 13 of this series. We have a 5 game series between Eden and Pole-2-Pole II and a 9 game series between Deutsche Baseball Academy (DBA) and Pole-2-Pole (P2P). Umpire Bob, Denver and Geno have called most of the games, thanks guys! Today’s games will be played at Milnerton.

In the early game, we were wrapping up the series between Eden and P2P II. P2P II leads the series 4 games to none. But… The Eden team is getting more experience and who knows, was today the day? I sure hoped it was, getting them a victory would be incredibly awesome. At game time, the skies were clear and the temperatures rising. It was a hot day in Milnerton.

The game started out good for Eden, they were making plays that earlier in the week were errors. They were holding P2P II. Could we be witnessing the Cinderella moment that I so hoped for? By the 5th inning, Eden was down 8 – 0, but they refused to rollover. In the top of the 5th, Eden loaded the bases and we’re finally able to push across 2 runs. Would there be more, would this be the RALLY they needed, could they eek out the victory? All of these questions were answered when the third out was made. Final score 8 – 2 in favor of P2P II.

Having watched the Eden team for these 5 games, it was clear they got better with each game. Awesome job Eden! On the plate was Geno, whose strike zone was magnificent and we had Denver covering all of the bases. Umpire Bob decided to take the game off and not sit out in the baking sun (wimp!, delicate little flower, call him whatever you wish!).

In the late afternoon game, we had game #8 between DBA and P2P. DBA is leading the series 5 games to 2. As an early preview of the game, let’s just call it SLOPPY. The game started out poorly when the DBA pitcher could not locate the strike zone. The P2P team posted a quick 6 runs. But in the bottom of the 1st, DBA came roaring back with 6 of their own. This is the way the game went, back and forth. We all thought if either team could get a 1-2-3 inning, they could win.

By the end of game, both teams combined for 42 runs, 26 hits, 16 walks, 10 errors and countless plays where an out could have been had, but it was not meant to be (such as pop ups to catchers in foul territory). I think both teams were saving their arms for the series final on Friday night. Final score, as the announcer clearly stated DBA won by 4 runs, but in reality it was 23 – 19. We finally got a home run in the game. Actually we had 6 home runs total including a grand slam. One of the DBA boys had 2 home runs using wood. On the plate was Bob, Albert at 1st and Denver at 3rd. Geno took the game off but was seen running around the field helping out, bringing water to umpires, doing whatever was needed. Thanks Geno!!

We have 1 game left in the series. It will be played Friday night at VOB, under the lights. There is a rumor floating around that the umpires will be dressed in blue camouflage shirts. We will need to wait and see if this is true. Umpire Bob has had the time of his life, getting to know all of the local players.

Fun Facts: The number of pictures taken is incredible. I think we have around 5000 pictures. It will take a while to sort thru all of these and categorize them. The camera has been passed around to numerous people, so it will be really ingesting to see how the pictures turn out.

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