From Home Plate New Years Day – Off Day – Umpire Robert Slabinski

From Home Plate New Years Day – Off Day – Umpire Robert Slabinski

Jan 1: Happy New Year. No games are scheduled for today. Everyone got to sleep in and get rested or so that was the plan. I think I heard the kids coming in from the beach well after midnight.

 We spent the day at a market enjoying local food, read ostrich burger, and buying souvenirs. The drive to get there was breathe taking, high in the hills, driving alongside of the mountains. I chose not to look down very often!

We have 4 more games to go in this series.

Fun Fact: I got to play catch today with Mark’s 17 year old daughter. Can you say “mean fast ball!!”. My hand had some heat in it after playing catch! We may get to see her in a future game!

Our DIRTY Little Secret: Yesterday was laundry day. There were offers to take my clothes to the laundry mat, but like any good Boy Scout, I simply took them into the shower and gave them a good cleaning. They were hung outside to dry! If you remember, I sacrificed my clothes for baseball related items for the kids, so I don’t have enough clothes to last me the entire trip….

Another Secret: I am told there is a nice private bathroom somewhere on the campground, a secret! Every time I ask about using it, I am told it is in use. Doesn’t seem to be too much of a secret if it is always in use, do you think….?

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