Road Trip #1 – Western Cape

This is a 5 day 4 night trip that just skirts the Western Cape. It starts with a night in the tree houses at Kardouw in Citrusdal, then goes over and through the Koue Bokkeveld down to Ceres for the 2nd night. Night 3 is in Montagu hot springs and Night 4 is in Fisherhaven.

It is approximately 800 km round trip and includes staying treehouses, log cabins, houses on mountain and a sea village.

Night One – Kardouw, treehouses. 

A small functioning farm that built 5 treehouses on the edge of the Oliphants river. A truly remarkable place that is a good place to find out who you really are – NO 1st world toys, no internet, no wifi, no trinkets.

Tree1 Tree2 Tree3

Night two – Ceres, log cabin

Ceres is a village that suffers a temperature range from -5 degrees C to 50 degrees C, it has plenty of water and is therefore one of South Africa’s best farming areas. It is situated in the mountains, in a valley and the cabin is in a pineforest with much to do. Zip lining down the valley – jumping off rocks into rock pools (15m), sun and swimming being the prime activities here.

Ceres3 Ceres2 Ceres1 Nick1

Night three – Montague, hot springs

Montague is another paradise in the Karoo (a desert environment) with natural hot springs. It too is a place for sun and swim and mountains.

Montagu2 Montagu1

Night four – Fisherhaven, beach house

Fisherhaven is 20km from the world renouned Hermanus that has some of the nicest beaches known to man. One can ride horses from up on the mountain, down to the beach and more. Surf and catch up some more sun,

hermanus1 hermanus2