Coach Mark

Mark Moore, the Head coach of TBA is the Director of Junior for Western Province Baseball (22 clubs both junior and senior). Mark had the privilege of spending a month under Jack Stallings and Larry Bryant at Georgia Southern University back in 1984. He then spent 16 yrs in the Major League as a player and then a player coach, representing WP in the Nationals for over a decade.

Coach Mark has been involved in Youth Ministry for 17 yrs now and is all about developing young people and trying to give them a bit more than they have prior to meeting him. His Family all get involved with everything that he does and he is blessed to have a large support base of friends and “acadamites” that step up when they are required.

He has a naughty side to him, well, maybe some people would say he has a serious side to him instead, but no matter, he is able to really communicate with teenagers and share space with them. After only 3 days of observing him in Italy, a Dutch parent came up to him and said – “I have watched how you deal with your team and was wondering – I was about to send my son to USA for 9 months to learn English, would you consider us sending him to you instead?” and that was the final piece of the puzzle that he and Coach Bull needed to make Pole2Pole Baseball a reality.