My experience at Pole2Pole as a parent. Andries and Wendy

Andries2It was the summer of 2012 that we heard the first time there is a organisation called P2P that give youngsters the opportunity to get a lifetime experience in South Africa. At the European championship of baseball under 16 we met the coach and his team from SA in Novara in Italy, our son played for the Dutch team.

We (Mark and I) were commentating the games for the local stations back home. After a few games we get started talking about Nick, that he would go to the USA for a year and play there some baseball. At that time Mark Moore the coach of SA started talking about Pole2Pole that it would be a better choice to let Nick come to SA and play there a season off Baseball.

We stayed in touch after the tournament and in 2013 we flew at Cape Town to bring Nick and leave him for 9 months. Between 2012/2013 Nick and Kieran Marks son had a lot of contact on the internet and that helped by fitting in in the Moore family, after a few hours Nick told us that we could leave. He already felt at home, we stayed for 2,5 weeks and had a lot of fun on a big road trip with Mark.

Back home in the Netherlands we kept contact by skype at first we tried to speak every day at last it was once a month.

May 2014 we met with Nick at Dubai and got the biggest surprise off that year. He grew more than a foot and was completely self-depending and supportive. We thank Mark for making a young man out off a small boy in less than 9 months.

Last October 2015 my wife and I got back to Cape Town for our holiday. The Moore family had planned a great trip all the way to JHB and back in 12 days we drove 8000 km.

Now we are in 2016 and already planned for December to be supporting at a big P2P tournament in SA.

We not only got a sport friend we got a complete Family and we only can recommend this to all the parents that got a heart for baseball and give there kid(s) a time off their life in a great warm family in SA.

Andries en Wendy van der Kooi