Inbound Tours

Download the TBA / DBA Initiative presentation. Click on the picture above.

Every December, DBA (Deutsche Baseball Akademie) comes over to Cape Town to play in a 9 – 11 game series against TBA (The Baseball Academy) in Cape Town over 14 days. The Age groups change year from year and this event is very well supported.

This also is a very exciting part of the Pole2Pole Baseball Programme as South Africa is VERY far off the baseball track, so to say. In a country that has many thousands of baseballers, we only have around 12 -15 that are playing outside of the country, at various levels. We have not yet been able to develop a Major League Baseballer, but we try. We are stunted here by a bit of a peculiar mindset (the world must come to us because we are Africa), but do not do much to showcase South African Baseball. Pole2Pole Baseball is the ONLY programme of its kind in South Africa, the only programme to bring and host foreigners in the country, the only programme open to all players locally not just the elite.