Bob – Dec 31st

Dec 31: A day of rest and time to celebrate the New Year!!! Today was an off day, no games. Time to let the teams rest and prepare for a festive night. As luck would have it, we did get some much needed rain. In the morning, the storm clouds came rumbling in and dumped, perhaps, a single sprinkle of rain. It was a little more than that, perhaps 2 minutes of a mist. Throughout the day, we did get more hints of rain! By evening, it ACTUALLY did rain, we had to use the wipers on the car. This rain, although very little, will be a great help to the fields but sadly not much to help the drought conditions here in South Africa.

The DBA and USA teams disappeared for most of the day. This gave the support crew a chance to rest. They are ALL working so hard, doing anything that is needed, day or night. But rather than resting, most of them scattered into town. As for Bob, his day was filled with chatter, a well deserved nap and a hair appointment. He is hoping to stay up late and ring in the New Year. Before the young ladies from the support crew left, they decided that Bob should have BLUE hair, you know “Hey Blue”. So, out came the dye and just like that, Bob is proudly walking around with a blue head of hair. Hopefully, what happens in Capetown, stays in Capetown and the dye will be gone before going home. Certain, Bob’s granddaughter Emma will definitely know her Papa is CRAZY.

As the teams returned from their day, dinner was prepared and served. We had a DELICIOUS meal called borewors potjie. It had potatoes, sausage, onions, whatever, all served over rice. This was so good. Bob is continually amazed at the meals that are being cooked. They cook so much, at a campground, in a small kitchen area and they turn out restaurant quality meals. WHAT IS THEIR SECRET??? I think Chef Emmerill (BAM), Bobby Flay or the Iron Chef needs to visit us and truly learn from the masters.

As night settled in, the rain came more often as did the cold winds. Everyone gathered in the dining area for a night of fun, games and whatever else. It is so cool to see kids from 3 different countries interact. And the trouble our support crew gets into after hours, the towel fights, the games, THEY ROCK!!

By 10:30 PM, Bob called it a night. He was cold AND tired. Guess he didn’t let his wife down. They seldom stay up to ring in the New Year, tonight was no different. But a HUGE Happy New Year to his wife and family! As Bob was heading to bed, the support crew were packing their bags and heading down to the ocean for a quick New Year’s swim. Simply incredible, they work all day and half the night and yet still find some fun time. I know between the water and the wind, they must have froze.

We now have 2 new additions to the campground. The Moore’s brought their 2 new dogs out. The dogs are wonderful. Makes Bob miss his rag-tag crew of dogs that he left behind at home.


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