Bob – 29th Dec

Dec 29: Anywhere in America! Today’s game could have been played anywhere in America, anywhere in SoCal. We had music on the PA system between innings, we had a snack bar, we had bleachers full of fans, a batting cage in the background, a banner flying on the 3rd base dugout’s fence. The difference was, we were in Capetown, South Africa AND the banner was actually the German flag being proudly flown by the DBA team. Today’s game was between Team USA and DBA. We played the game on the VOB field under mostly sunny skies, temps near 80. The big difference today, very little wind, which made the game much hotter than the temps were.

The game started quickly with the DBA scoring 8 runs in the bottom of the first. The DBA team had some key base hits, a home run and also assisted by 4 errors committed by team USA. We were fearing a blowout, but team USA was simply plagued by some first game butterflies. Both teams went quietly in the 2nd inning, each posting goose eggs. In the 3rd, the butterflies had flown and team USA scored 2 runs, while DBA added 1 run in the bottom of the inning. Score after 3, USA – 2, DBA – 9. The 4th was uneventful with DBA scoring a run. In the 5th, DBA posted 3 runs to bring an end to the game. Final score, team USA – 3, DBA – 13. A 5 inning game shortened by the mercy rule. Simon Baumer of DBA pitched a complete game. Game time was 2:02 with an attendance of 167 fans.

The umpire crew was the same from last years final game. We had Denver on the plate, Geno at 1st, Bob at 2nd and Albert at 3rd. The crew wore the blue camo shirts with camo hats. They looked more like hunters than umpires. In the 1st inning we had a rotation that failed miserably. A quick conference between innings and problem solved. Later in the game, the umps showed that they could fix the issues in the middle of the game with a perfectly executed rotation. Denver had a GREAT strike zone. Also, a 30 second training session with Geno and his Iraqi soldier safe call turned into the right mechanic. Geno is turning into a very good umpire, always willing to learn.

Starting Saturday, we will start double headers.

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