Bob – 28th Dec

Dec 28: The hits just kept on coming! Today’s matched was played for a second day at Durbanville between P2P and DBA. After a gut-wrenching defeat from the day before, how would manager George of DBA get his team ready for today’s game? The game was played under partly sunny skies, temperatures in the mid 70’s with a VERY strong wind blowing out to left field. With such a wind we were all wondering if we might see a home run or two. In the first inning, we saw that the young gents from DBA were seeking redemption. They posted a quick 4 runs in the 1st inning and they never looked back. In the 5th inning, the floodgates opened and DBA scored 13 runs. Final score, DBA – 22, P2P – 4. The game was shortened to 6 innings when the mercy rule was applied.

On the plate was Geno, Denver was at 1st and Bob was at 3rd. The umpires wore new military green shirts compliments of Bob. Scary moment of the game was Denver taking a foul ball to the knee. It dropped him immediately. After a couple of minutes, he was up and ready to continue the game. A comment was made to Bob about his sprinting from 3rd to 2nd, there was concern of whether he could stop in time. Seems Bob has heard this before. Just glad the old man can still run (move??).

The Play of the Day (POD) was turned in by the P2P team. With a hard hit ground ball to 2nd baseman, Kian fielded the ball and tossed to Luke covering 2nd base for the force. As the ball was slightly offline, Luke made a barehanded catch for the force. A play certainly worthy of a webgem #SC10LA.

After the game was over and the bags were loaded into the vehicles, it was back to campground. We heard thru some unreliable sources that one of the vehicles may have stopped at McDonalds and had Big Macs. A medium sized Big Mac meal costs about $3.00 USD.

The night ended with another serenade by the frogs!

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