Bob – 1st Jan

Jan 1: A South African Happy New Year. Today was another day off for the boys. But the series resumes tomorrow. We will be playing 3 double headers over the next 4 days, so rest is critical. For most everyone, there were no real plans for the day, no set schedule. Get up when you can, lay around and relax. Team USA decided to head out to a game reserve in search of the BIG 5. For them, it was rise and shine and be on the road by 4:00 AM. That’s correct, 4:00 AM!! Bob awoke around 9’ish to find not many bodies moving. When he walked into the dining area there were still bodies laying all around on mattresses. As it rained last night, the support crew slept in the dining area, under a roof.

Bob got a chance to do a little shopping at the market in Capetown. There you find MANY vendors with all sorts of South African souvenirs. Bob’s favorite is the animal heads made of beads and wires. YES, he did get all of the grandkids a little something. At the market you never pay the asking price, but you have to negotiate the price to your liking. Bob was seen picking out 1 thing and then adding in more items in order to get a good price.

Bob and Mark did get a chance to get away from everything, read the MADNESS, and they enjoyed a great meal at a restaurant right across from the ocean. In America, the price to eat at such a restaurant would be extremely pricey. In Capetown, the price was incredibly low. Mark enjoyed a delicious looking pepper steak with chips and onion rings. Bob had a steak role and chips. What a meal and the table looked out over the beach onto a setting sun. I think Bob would have enjoyed this setting with his wife. By the way, “chips” are the local term for french fries.

Afterwards Bob and Mark returned to the campground. The energy was missing. I think the support crew is tiring or perhaps they are simply getting ready for Week #2. I fear the later.

We have 4 more days of games and then the teams will begin to leave. Team USA will leave on Saturday and DBA will depart on Sunday. As for Bob, he will be leaving Monday. He will stick around to help breakdown the camp. Plus, an umpire friend of Bob’s from Washington state, Mark Diaz willing be arriving with his wife Holli this weekend. Talk about a small world, Bob umpired with Mark Diaz in Germany and Italy 6 or 7 years ago.

It is a bit after 10 PM, time for bed. The campground is strangely quiet. The support crew have disappeared. The young ladies are headed to beach for a swim.

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