From Home Plate Day 10 – Day Off – Umpire Robert Slabinski

Jan 5: Today was an off day and after yesterday’s game, I think they needed it. Today’s agenda has the German team climbing Table Mountain, the Eden boys being trained and Umpire Bob catching up on life via the Internet. We also saw some of the boys going surfing, heard it was cold but youthfulness takes care of that.
Lunch was a fabulous meal of hotdogs with chips (French fries) sprinkled on top. Add some Prego sauce and this meal was delicious. Dinner consisted of rice, potatoes and South African meatballs. The meal was scrumptious. Afterwards in celebration of one of the boys birthday, we had various cakes and ice cream.

This was a well needed rest day for everyone. We have one game to go on Friday night under the lights at VOB and then the series will be over. After that, everyone will depart this “slice of heaven”. This campground has been home for most, the past 10 days. The joyfulness, the laughter, the food, everything about this place has been magical. Umpire Bob will cherish this place, but it is time to get home to his family, especially his very patient, very understanding wife (Susan).

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