paintball2Paintball is about as much fun as a young person could have at any given time. Cape Town has many paintball range’s both indoor and outdoor. Social Sunday is the weekly social event for cheerful artistic assault between factions, whether or not they have ever met. Anyone who wants to practice their pot-shots or release some pent-up aggression by raining hot paint down on all can show up and get their game on, with equipment being rented on a first come, first served basis.

You are invited to just show up with a friend or foe and get in on the action with everyone else already out on the field. Even if you focus on your friends and spend the time pummelling your friend/nemesis with explosive paint balls, Of course, you should also ensure to dress appropriately the paint may wash out, but no matter how gifted of a sharpshooter you may be, you are going to get dirty that is why they call it paint ball.

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