Bosmansdam High School

Bothasig and Bosmansdam High School on the original farm Bosmansdam that for three generations to Schietekat family and then to Annie Levinkind belonged Province. Parts of the land between 1961 and 1989, expropriated by the Milnerton Municipality and the Department Council. Bosmansdam was renamed Bothasig after the then Minister of Housing, Mr PW Botha has handed over a house on the first resident.

The neighborhood has grown quickly and it soon became clear that there was a need for a high school arose. The first staff consisted of only seven members. The first school committee was elected on March 17, 1971 under the chairmanship of Mr MJ V.N. van Schoor. The motto was first UNITAS, but changed to unitate Fortior, is inscribed (stronger than unity). The school colors were only blue, orange and white, but changed in 1982 to blue, maroon and gold. In 1989 the official badge and tie into use.

The school song was composed by the famous Dirkie de Villiers and the words written by his wife Doll. (from the Bosmansdam website)

Bosmansdam is a school that faces very many challenges and is a good option for your child to experience South Africa as it largely is, there are few wealthy people in Bosmansdam, it is a government school and have children from all walks of life and many that no other school will tolerate. Under their Principal Mr Danie Human, they runa terrific school that is driven to bring out the best in children unlike many other schools in similar situations. I have nothing but respect for the work they do with the resources at their disposal.

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